I Recreate My Late Father’s Photos To Reconnect And Accept His Passing

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I came to Melbourne, Australia to study and found a unique way to reconnect with my father and also to accept his passing.

February 14th this year will mark my dad’s 3 years of passing away. It’s ‘sort of’ better each year… I still miss him a lot and very much, but over the years I just get better at getting out of the mourning hole. Recently I realized I have never got the time to let my dad’s passing to sink in and I never paid tribute to him properly. So I decided to pay a visit to the back and opened the drawer and pulled out few memories of my dad.

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February 14th this year will mark my dad’s 3 years of passing away

I still miss him a lot so I decided to reconnect and accept his passing in a unique way

I came to Melbourne, Australia to study and my dad visited Melbourne on 2011 with my mother

When he came back from the trip he showed me lots of photos he took on many tourist landmarks in Melbourne

I looked up some photos of my parents’ trip to Melbourne and chose several photos of my dad

I decided to go around few places in Melbourne and replicate his photos

I asked good friends of mine to help me take photos and travel with me

If you’re going to take anything from this story of mine is that, do not wait until it’s too late

I never really appreciate the times I traveled with my dad previously and I regret it

Go to places with your loved ones and live adventurous life together with them

I’m trying to let go of my dad’s passing, but I’ll forever remember him. He will always be a huge part of me, I am who I am because of him

So to all of you – go on your pace, let things sink in, let go and hopefully you’ll be able to smile as you reminisce

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