18+ Babies Who Added Some Realism To The Picture Perfect Family Portraits

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Babies are cute and babies are adorable. But they’re also full of pee and poo, and babies aren’t afraid to make you aware of this fact at the most inopportune times. Getting ready to go out, just put on a new diaper, and got your kid’s snowsuit on? Sounds like the perfect time to fill that Pampers! Just got to the studio, with no change of clothes, to take some baby-and-family photos? Sounds like the perfect time for some diarrhea.

This list of spoiled (or soiled?) baby photoshoots reveal the dirty side of parenting. Parents out there, look familiar? Vote on your favorite photo, or if you have any baby-shoot fails, post your own pictures below!

baby photoshoot fails

Unforgettable Moment Baby Interrupts Photoshoot With A Shower

Little Asher on dad’s back

baby portrait gets messy

first baby’s photoshoot

Baby makes a mess of photoshoot with Dad

So basically the baby poo’d on the papa

My Children’s First Christmas Photo

cute family photo

Golden outtake from a family photo session

the joy of parenting

Soooo, this happened today

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