Everyday This Seal Flops Across The Street To His Favourite Seafood Restaurant

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Sammy the seal has found a better way to get fish than hunting them himself. Recently caught on tape, he’s seen crawling out of a harbor and crossing a two-lane street aiming for the Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant in Wicklow, Ireland. The smarty pants does it every day!

A restaurant employee tries to shoo his loyal client with a chair with no great success – Sammy is too impressed with the menu. Eventually, the employee tosses a fish into the harbor and the seal rushes after it. A moment later, he pops out of the water and off he goes again.

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Sammy the seal has found a better way to get fish than hunting them himself


Every day he crosses a two-lane street to get to his favorite place near the harbor…


…The Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant!


Unable to get rid of his loyal client, the employee has to toss fish into the harbor


But Sammy always wants more!


So the cycle repeats


Watch the full video below:

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