Thai Artist Creates 3D Art By Painting Layers Of Thread And Netting

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33-Year-Old Thai artist Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew paints haunting, 3d-images on fine netting. He discovered the technique by accident in 2001 when, while studying at Silapakorn University in Bangkok, he noticed a spot of paint on his mosquito netting. Nimmalaikaew soon realized that he could create the impression of depth and volume by combining multiple layers.

“It starts from a digital drawing of twisted lines in human form,” Nimmalaikaew explained to BLOUIN Art. “The digital drawing is then printed life-size to set the base form and texture. The following layers are painted in oil color in the ‘tulle-painting style.’ Over time, I have learnt that the tulle demands a different way of creating realistic light and shadow for the material. The top layer gives details for the optical illusion. Then I connect each layer with clear copolymer line to make it all fit together and create depth in the image.”

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Watch it in action:

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