Transparent Book Weight Holds Your Book Open While You Read

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Reading outdoors is a divine experience. Birds are chirping, the neighbor’s cat is lurking around…and the wind keeps flipping your pages. But fear no more, fellow bookworm, the Japanese are here to save the day with their transparent book weight called Book on Book.

Coming from Tokyo design studio TENT, the acrylic book weight is shaped like an open book (210mm × 185mm), 5 mm thick and weighs 220g. It would totally come in handy when outdoors. Or when you want to munch on those cookies with both hands without a care in the world. Or when you need to have your cookbook open (the book weight would also protect it from spills!).

Place the book weight on your book and voilà! Free your hands just for $34.99 on Amazon.

More info: | Amazon





The book weight is available on Amazon

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