1000 Pound Woman Dubbed The Half Ton Killer Loses 80% Of Her Body Fat

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Mayra Rosales, a 70 stone woman who was once dubbed the “half ton killer”, has lost nearly 80% of her bodyweight by undergoing 11 operations which helped her shed the pounds.

Many of you might recognise Mayra from a 2008 scandal in which she falsely claimed that she had accidentally killed her nephew by rolling on him. It turns out that her story was a lie and Mayra was in fact trying to protect her sister Jamie, who had beaten two year old Eliseo to death.



Back in 2008, Mayra Rosales was 1,028 pounds and normal actions like standing up or walking were almost impossible for her. Her trial made the headlines after she had to be cut out of her house to attend court. In fact it was months before they could begin the trial as it took time to find a courtroom that was large enough to accommodate Mayra. The doors and walls had to be removed to fit her in.

Eventually, her sister Jamie confessed to the crime and was jailed for 15 years. As for Mayra, in 2011 she made the decision to shed the pounds in order to be able to take care of her sister’s other children.

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