15 Kardashian Moments No Average Family Will Ever Ever Experience

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Even if you don’t like the Kardashians, you probably secretly wish you could be one. They have the money, they have the looks and they have the ridiculous lifestyle which the rest of us will probably only ever fantasise about. The best part is that thanks to the film crew constantly following them around, we all get to enjoy the full Kardashian experience and let me tell you, it is wild.

As families go, there’s no denying they are unique in every sense of the word. There are moments we witness on the show that no other family could ever possibly relate to. Right?

1. Have a conversation with your mum about her sex tape

*Shudders at the thought*


2. Go coffin shopping with your whole family

And then get in the actual coffin.


3. Lose your diamond earrings in the ocean on a family holiday

Of course that’s never happened to me. I got these earrings in the Top Shop sale, honey.


4. Have your mum persuade you to feature in Playboy

You know, she can make a pretty penny out of it too.


5. Strip off for Playboy in front of your mum

As she cheers you on and takes photos.


Continue over the page for more hilarious Kardashian moments that would just never happen to you or I.

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