15 Unfortunately Placed Adverts

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While these advertising mishaps might keep expert marketers up at night, they serve as a pretty good laugh for everyone else.

In the world of terrible advert placement, these are some of our favourite examples of someone messing up massively. I seriously hope someone got in trouble for these, because this is shoddy advert placement at it’s absolute finest.

1. Well this wasn’t very well thought out was it?

If anything it just makes the message even more poignant.

Unfortunate ad 1

2. She might be taking it lightly

Apparently the woman in the McDonald’s advert didn’t get the memo that burgers make your kids fat.

Unfortunate ad 2

3. Jesus and his pet?

When your cat won’t stop reading the bible.

Unfortunate ad 3

4. The horror in that kid’s face though

What the hell is the advert on the right actually for?

Unfortunate ad 4

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