36 Times People Forgot The Sun Was Hot

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Being from South Africa, I know all too well that sunburn is a very real thing. If you went outside during summer around 12 noon, you were bound to end up with a nice glow – or aching red skin – a few hours later. I personally have very pale skin that always goes bright red in the sun. After a few days, I’m back to being lily white. I wish I could sport a stunning tan but unfortunately, it’s just not on the cards for me.

Let’s just say that I have now learnt my lesson and I usually stay as far away from the sun as humanly possible. But seeing these 37 people with bright red sunburns takes my mind right back to those summer days. It gives me chills down my spine to be honest. I can almost literally feel their pain.

1. Prince Harry… is that you?


2. Bow formation 


3. Skin-coloured underwear


4. Cutest date invite ever


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