5 Dope Hip Hop Movies You Must See Before You Die

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Diehard movie buffs will know that throughout the history of cinema, musical fads have come and gone. But the cultural influence of one genre has only grown stronger; hip hop. For the last 30+ years, arguably since the Sugerhill Gang’s 1979 hit Rapper’s Delight, the success of hip hop movies have skyrocketed. Maybe this is because they have the ability to speak to young audiences – by bringing together old school story-telling with a banging soundtrack that is socially aware.

Before hip hop films became mainstream, there were a whole heap of movies that helped pave the way. Now with the help of the following classics, plus the odd newbie, hip hop movies are a key part of our popular culture and show no sign of going away any time soon.

5. Get Rich or Die Tryin’


50 Cent may be broke AF nowadays but wind back a decade or so and he was starring in this iconic biopic. The big-screen memoir is undoubtedly a classic but in light of his recent bankruptcy, pretty ironic.


4. Notorious 


Based on the life of Christopher Wallace, aka. the Notorious B.I.G, this movie definitely places in the upper ranks of hip hop smashers. Biggie’s shocking death, crime-infested youth and ascent to fame was always ripe for the cinematic treatment. George Tilman and his cast allowed the audience to experience the short life of one of the most celebrated rappers of all time, taking us on a nostalgic rollercoaster through the Bad Boy era.


These two instantly spring to mind when you think of memorable hip hop movies. But arguably it was a certain movie released back in 1992 that smoothed the path to their success…

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