Ads Vs Reality: 20+ Hilarious Examples Of False Advertising

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Life is all about managing expectations–or managing the expectations of others. Remember when they told you that if you got a good education and worked hard, you’d be successful? Or that it was good that the rich are getting richer, since the money would “trickle down?” The worst part is, many of those perpetrating the lies actually believe the lies themselves, so you can’t even blame them!

Bored Panda put together this list of false advertising to show you, dear Pandas, that it’s all for naught. There aren’t two scoops of raisins in your cereal box, unless those scoops are fairy-sized; Crocodile Mile isn’t a fun, water-filled activity for your backyard, unless belly-flops are included in your definition. Which bit of false advertising gets you the most riled up? Vote! Or submit your favourite examples of advertising deceit below:

It is just a bag of cats

Spongebob popsicle. Wait, what?




We bought alien balloons

Well, that’s half the size

Remember the Ice cream that was supposed to look like cartoon characters?

Ball not to scale

“May I have a Scooby-Doo?” I asked

So much for “Two Scoops” there Kellogg’s

Ah, there it is


False advertising at it’s finest


There’s nothing worse than false advertising

What the?

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