Anorexic Celebrities: Artists Photoshop Celebrity Bodies To Spread Awareness About Anorexia

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The worth1000 sites (closed in January) and Freaking News make photoshop contests and always with issues related to celebrities!

I selected some images of a contest, where the theme was some celebrity weight loss. “Let us help prevent anorexia from spreading among celebrities and politicians, by showing them what they would look like if they were anorexic”- wrote Freaking News in the description of the competition.

The creations for the contest were shocking yet amazing.

Jennifer Lopez by Funkwood from Worth1000

Katy Perry by Mandrak from Worth1000

Beyonce by Hidreley from FreakingNews

Sandra Bullock by Renata 33 from Worth1000

Angelina Jolie By Gwenovich from Worth1000

Katie Holmes By Ariel 9 from Worth1000

Angelina Jolie by NewZazita from Worth1000

Marilyn Monroe by Mzpresto from Worth1000

Lindsay Lohan & Nicole Richie by Fotofantaz from FreakingNews

Lindsay Lohan by Nilo from FreakingNews

Jessica Simpson by fotofantaz from FreakingNews

Eva Mendez by fotofantaz from FreakingNews

Jennifer Aniston by fotofantaz from FreakingNews

Keira Knightley by Aluresky from FreakingNews

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