Beyonce Speaks Out For The First Time About Jay Z’s Cheating

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They don’t call her “Queen B” for nothing. We all know Beyonce has managed to take away all of our breaths at one point or another throughout her singing career. She’s an absolute diva packed with talent, good looks and charm. Not only that, she’s also been married to the infamous rapper, Jay Z, for 12 years. Could a girl be any luckier? Well quite frankly, yes she could – and I’ll tell you why.

Let me take you back to 2014 when Beyonce’s sister, Solange, had a go at her brother-in-law in an elevator after a Met Ball for cheating on B. All this took place as Beyonce stood quietly, listening to the allegations. But she definitely isn’t standing quietly any longer.


As some of you may know, B’s new album entitled Lemonade was released last night. It surpassed all of our expectations as it wasn’t just an audio album but rather a visual one, containing 11 songs. Each song begins with a piece of poetry or prophecy. The songs unfold in a linear fashion, starting with jealousy moving onto suspicion and then ends with downright war.

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