Birdman Gives Angie Martinez Interview After Storming Out Of The Breakfast Club

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Following his very brief and hostile interview with The Breakfast Club on Friday morning, Birdman decided to return to the Power 106 building and sit down with the legendary Angie Martinez for a lengthy interview.

Normally silent in regards to the media, the last sit-down he did was with Angie Martinez on a yacht in Miami last year which became memorable in itself. As he’s set to promote both upcoming Ms. Gladys and Rich Gang 2, it makes sense for him to talk with the one radio host who seems to have built a trustworthy relationship with him.

Here are 10 things we learned from the interview:


1) How learning about the bible while in prison at 16-years-old helped him turn his own life around. “When I was incarcerated I learned about God..It was my first time reading the bible…I changed as a person, I was really young and wild.”

2) Minister Farrakhan is a key figure in his life. The minister blessed Birdman’s Miami home while his kids and brother were present. “That’s somebody I have the upmost respect for” he says about the Minister.

3) His mother died when he was only 2 and his dad died when he was 5. “I lost my whole family…I was raised with no parents”.

4) Birdman lived in a boys home for years after his parents died and until his stepmother picked him up at aged 10.

5) He lived in Canada for several years, yet has never told Drake about this.

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