Book Explodes Violently As It’s Crushed By Hydraulic Press

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If you’ve ever felt so angry that you just want to squash everything in sight into a little ball of pulp, then I’ve got the perfect YouTube channel for you. The hydraulic press channel is the brainchild of mad genius Lauri Vuohensilta, who owns a small factory in Finland.

Using the power of pressure and a few well-placed cameras, Lauri has captured what happens to hundreds of items when they’re squashed to oblivion. His brilliant videos of things getting squished by the press are weirdly satisfying, especially when accompanied by his trademark manic laughter.

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In the past Lauri has crushed coins, Lego bricks and even explosive items. Despite his extensive history of squishing things, his most recent video might be the most explosive yet. A massive tome with roughly the same dimensions as an old school phone book is the most recent item to be put to the press test.

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