Boy With Autism Cries With Happiness As He Watches Coldplay Perform Live

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We’ve all got our own cross to bear in life. For this young boy, it’s the fact that he has autism, a mental condition characterised by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with others. I hope you’re prepared for a tear-jerker because this story is going to give you all of the feels.

Luis Vazquez, his wife and young child were given the wonderful opportunity to see Coldplay live in concert at Mexico City’s Foro Sol stadium. Little did they know that something spectacular, other than Chris Martin’s vocals, would be caught on film.

His son began to display an array of different emotions while he watched the band sing one of his favourite songs, Fix You. He was so moved by the performance, that he started to cry while planting his face in his hands.


His father then became emotional at the sight of his beautiful son’s tears and began to cry himself, putting his head against his son’s. The video went viral when Luis decided to post it online with the caption:

“Something my wife and I decided to share with the whole wide world.

“You have to watch it! It says it all! You guys #coldplay please need to see this!”



The video has since been shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter as well as having gained 1.7 million views on YouTube. It grew that big, that even the band themselves have seen the footage. They responded by re-posting the video on their official page with the caption, “This kind of thing makes it all worthwhile. Hola Luis y tu hijo hermoso! Love.” Watch the moving video on the next page.

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