Celebrities Who Absolutely Nailed Their First Tweet

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Celebrities and Twitter are like two best friends who mostly have lots of fun together, but occasionally have blazing rows. When I joined Twitter, it was exclusively to gain a sneak peek into the lives of my favourite celebs (mainly Kate Upton). Obviously, a lot of the time these tweets are innocuous and mundane, but sometimes celebrities allow us a ringside seat to watch them have a serious meltdown. We’re looking at you Amanda Bynes…

Back when Twitter was a fresh-faced young thing, celebs were clamouring to get on board – but what to tweet first? With only 140 characters at your disposal, joining the Twitter-verse is a monumental moment worth a little gravitas. Here are some celebs who managed to absolutely nail their first tweet and lay down a pretty impressive marker for others to follow.









Aren’t you glad that you’ve read P!nk’s first tweet? I know I am. If you’re a Lionel Ritchie fan, hold on tight, because his first tweet is bound to get you dancing on the ceiling.

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