Do You Ever Get These Little White Spots On Your Face? This Is What It Could Mean

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If you’ve ever experienced those little white spots that can form on your eyes and/or nose, you’ll know that they’re extremely difficult to get rid of. These spots are called milia or “milk spots” and are caused by keratin (a protein typically found in skin tissue, hair and nail cells) being trapped beneath the surface of the skin.

The cause of these spots has been strongly linked to sun exposure, burns, blistering and use of steroid creams but the exact cause has not yet been confirmed. However, they’re not as difficult to remove as one would imagine. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to get rid of them.


1. Lemon Juice and Sugar

Mix two tablespoons of sugar, half a lemon’s worth of juice and one teaspoon of oil. Apply the mixture to your face and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes.

2. Natural Honey

Mix honey and sugar together. Add oatmeal to the mixture and stir until it becomes a paste. Apply to the face and leave for several minutes. Wash it off with warm water.

3. Castor Oil

Mix castor oil and olive oil. Apply it to your face, let it soak in then dry off. Castor oil is not only a great treatment for asthma and constipation – it’s also great for skin.

4. Steaming Your Face

Steam helps open up your pores and gets rid of gunk that may be hiding underneath the skin.


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