Emotional High School Love Letter Penned By Tupac Has Gone On Sale

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Tupac is widely considered the greatest rapper of all time and almost 20 years after his unsolved murder at the tender age of 25, his legacy is still living on. Back in 2012, the late Tupac came back to life when he performed alongside Snoop Dogg thanks to the help of some clever holographic technology. Now, four years later, Tupac’s past has been brought back to life again thanks to a recently-uncovered love note from the rapper’s high school days.

According to TMZ, the 1988 love letter by the late star has been sold as part of a $34,000 auction sale by US company Moments In Time. The note paints Tupac as a thoughtful and emotional teenager who was happy to admit he’d experienced heartbreak.


The anonymous owner of the note spoke in detail about her high school romance with the rapper:

“I met him in drama class after he transferred from Baltimore to California. He called me Beethoven because of my piano skills. He was a charismatic character who didn’t give a damn, highlighting the fact he wore Afrocentric gear and rocked a blonde high-top fade before it was the cool thing to do in the west coast.

The thing that really attracted me to him was that he made me understand Shakespeare – he took something as difficult as Shakespeare and gave it a contemporary voice.

I never really cared for the music he recorded – it was nothing like those freestyles I remember in front of our school. I knew the kid who made me understand Shakespeare and who didn’t care that he dressed different or wore his hair different.

I knew the kid who loved Prince, and candles and had a broken heart. And the kid who drew birds flying upside down on the notes that he passed in school.”

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