Go Check Your Quarters If You Have One Of THESE You Could Be Rich

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My girlfriend has a horrible habit of picking up quarters from the sidewalk. It really annoys me, as she spends a large part of her life scouring paving slabs, rather than looking up at what’s around her. However, after discovering that some coins are worth a pretty penny, I am going to start encouraging this previously-annoying practice.

Apparently, these valuable coins are still in circulation, so there’s actually a reasonable chance that you could come across one. You just need to know what to look out for.


Here’s the first coin to look out for. Years ago, a faulty Kansas pressing machine pressed a load of quarters with a grease smudge. The coins therefore read “in God we rust” rather than “in God we trust”. These are now worth $100 each.


Half dollars with Benjamin Franklin’s face printed on them are now worth $125 each now, so long as they were pressed between 1948 to 1963.


Go to the next page to find out how to spot a quarter worth $300.

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