Gruesome Moment MMA Fighter’s Cauliflower Ear EXPLODES

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Sometimes it’s nice to give you people a blast from the past (and this blast from 2014 is particularly gruesome). In one of the most extreme UFC injuries I’ve ever seen, this is the moment that UFC bantamweight fighter Leslie Smith was punched so hard… her cauliflower ear exploded.

For those of you that don’t know your sporting chatter, a cauliflower ear is when a person’s ear has become thickened or deformed as a result of repeated blows. Up against Jessica “Evil” Eye at UFC 180 in Mexico City, Smith was on the end of a sickening punch that actually led to hers popping in a pretty grizzly manner.


The best part of the whole story? Smith was adamant that she wanted to carry on the fight, even though her face was covered in blood and her ear was flapping ominously. The 32-year-old said after the fight: “I could still see. I still had my hands. I wanted to fight. I’m disappointed. It wasn’t the way I wanted that fight to end. I wish my ear hadn’t done that. Man, that ear was a bummer.”

What a woman… The graphic video is coming up on the next page, so I hope for your sake that you have a strong stomach.

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