Guy Cuts Down A Tree Finds Something Absolutely Terrifying Inside

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There are so many phobias out there that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Apparently one can now suffer from nomohpobia, which is the fear of being without a mobile phone. It sounds kind of silly, but someone’s got to suffer from it if they’ve managed to give it a name, right? What about xanthophobia? The fear of the seeing the colour or hearing the word “yellow”? What a weird and wonderful world we live in.


Then there are the more well-known phobias like arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, and claustrophobia, the fear of small spaces. I know what you’re thinking – why am I going on about phobias when you’ve clicked on this article to see something terrifying inside a tree. Bear with me, you’ll get your “ah-ha!” moment – and the horrifying video – on page two.

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