Here’s Why Your Jean Pockets Have Tiny Buttons On Them

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People have been rocking denim jeans since forever and still, they’re a fashion trend. It’s without saying that they’re a timeless and classic look. Pair it with any top and/or jacket and you’re good to go. They’re such a safe choice as far as fashion goes, that rarely do we question the random pockets and buttons that are on every single pair of jeans that we’ve ever owned. Maybe you’ve never even noticed them and are now like “mind = blown!” asking yourself what the hell they’re there for.


So, quick look at those little copper buttons. They’re placed strategically at the ends of sewn pockets. So really, what are the purpose of them? Well, they didn’t always exist. Levi Strauss only invented them in 1829 when miners complained that their pants never lasted more than a working day. If you haven’t reached your “ah-ha” moment yet… keep reading.

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