Hulk Hogan’s Racist Rant Has Been Leaked And The Audio Is Shocking

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Hulk Hogan is arguable the biggest name in professional wrestling to date. I remember seeing his signature bleach-blonde hair and moustache in the wrestling ring when I was a kid in primary school. Of late, he’s been blowing up in the news – and not for his wrestling ability. 

Hogan and the online media company, Gawker, recently went head-to-head in a long-winded court case because the company had leaked a sex tape of Hogan’s. The case finally came to a close and Hogan had won big. The court awarded him $115 million in damages. Hogan took to Twitter to show his feelings of elation.


One month later and Hogan seems to be back in the limelight for a not-so-politically correct audio clip that is currently doing the rounds. While we were made aware of this rant last year by seeing the transcription, the audio clip has only now been released.

Some of the audio has been censored (for obvious reasons), yet it’s still an absolute shock to hear some of the things that have come out of the professional wrestler’s mouth. The audio (on page three) is slightly difficult to understand so there is an accompanying transcription on the next page.


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