I Used To Work At Coca Cola. What I Saw Horrified Me

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In the past, it was revealed that Coca Cola spends millions of dollars every year trying to disprove the fact that fizzy drinks make you fat. Of course, anyone who has even the slightest inkling about how food and nutrition works will be hard pressed to believe that sugar-filled cans of fizz don’t make you fat. Nothing will convince me otherwise.

In a recent article, journalist Chris Hemmings detailed what it was like working for Coca Cola and exactly what it was he saw whilst working there. He explained: “When I was offered my first ‘proper job’ in 2009 it was, for my sins, with Coca-Cola Enterprises”. His job was simple: to sell, sell, sell.


He recalled a particular incident: “On arrival at the petrol station forecourt, to my utter dismay, I spotted a young boy, probably no older than fourteen. Fourteen years old, and about fourteen stone. Dressed in his repulsive fluorescent school uniform, his face was flushed red from the almost impossible task of standing upright. In his hand? A two litre bottle of Sprite. The sugar content of which is 136 grams. That’s 144 per cent of his daily recommended amount – and there were numerous 4 packs of those on my ‘for sale’ list.”

He added: “I had become the conduit for obesity, and it felt awful.”

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