Jay-Z And Kanye Have Major Fall Out After West Betrays Him In The Worst Way

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Back in February, rapper Kanye West announced that his new album, The Life Of Pablo, would only be available on new streaming service Tidal: “My album will never never never be on Apple. And it will never be for sale… You can only get it on Tidal.” The decision was ostensibly made to help out his pal Jay-Z, who owns the streaming service. It’s no secret that Tidal has been struggling to get off the ground since its launch in 2015.


Kanye is currently being sued for allegedly tricking fans into signing up for the service, after The Life Of Pablo started to be released pretty much everywhere. It’s now out on iTunes, rival streaming service Spotify, Google Play and even his own personal website.


The decision proved to be a very good one for Kanye, meaning he scored his seventh number one album on the Billboard 200 chart. But despite his success, his decision to release Pablo on multiple channels means that now it’s not just a lawsuit that’s coming after Kanye, but his good pal Jay-Z.

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