Kylie Jenner Wrecks Yet Another Super Expensive Car

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I can only imagine that being Kylie Jenner is quite an easy task. I mean, I know she has her own range of cosmetics, but I doubt she spends her nights sweating over profits and losses, pouring over statements and monthly projections. In short, being a super-hot young model means she basically doesn’t have to give a shit about money – or anything else for that matter.

Like most 18-year-olds, Kylie has a fleet of luxury cars worth a small fortune. Oh wait, hang on a second… most teenagers drive clapped-out Fiat Cinquecentos and dodgy Ford Fiestas.


Not known for being a particularly careful driver, Kylie famously crashed the $320,000 Ferrari her boyfriend, Tyga, bought her for her birthday, just a few days after receiving it. It has also been previously reported that she smashed her Mercedes SUV a mere 18 days after ringing in her 16th birthday in 2013.

In short, somebody order that girl a chauffeur. Flick over to the next page to see exactly what happened to Kylie’s latest car.

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