Man Busts Padlock’s Claim That It Cannot Be Melted

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First came the viral videos that attempted to blend the latest and greatest pieces of technology. Then came the lava videos, in which things were dropped into molten rock in order to see how well they would hold up. Then there was the Finnish hydraulic press hellbent on squishing everything within its metal jaws.

The latest bizarre destructive trend on the internet comes from YouTube channel Let’s Melt This, who – you guessed it – melt everything they can get their hands on. In their latest instalment, the guys behind the channel attempt to open a heavy-duty padlock without a key simply by melting it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.01.52

The lock claims that it’s “tough under fire” presumably thanks to it being made out of brass, which melts at approximately 1700 degrees fahrenheit. Despite its apparent toughness, a melting temperature of 1700 degrees is nothing for a blowtorch that can reach temperatures of up to 1900. Melting padlock, here we come.

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