Only 7% Of People Can Actually See The Hidden Image – Can You?

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Do you remember Magic Eye, the stereogram of the ’90s? The picture craze sprouted over two decades ago yet evidently is still a thing today. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, they were basically blurry images that, if you looked at them in the right way, would display another hidden image.

Personally, I could never work the blasted things out. Rumour has it there were cows, boats and all sorts lingering within the frame, but I never saw them. If you struggled like me then these instructions released by Magic Eye themselves may help you out. Apparently, what you are supposed to do is hold the centre of the picture right up close to your nose. Then, when your eyes are relaxed and focused, slowly pull it away from your face. If all goes to plan the image should jump straight out at you.


I think it’s time to give a few a go, don’t you think? However, I’d probably wait until you get home if you’re on public transport. You may look a little strange if you keep moving your phone to and from your face. People will think you’re a nutter. Good luck.

1. It’s chaotic, it’s complex. What’s it hiding?


Uncover the answer

2. Hint: there might be a reason why this one is green


Uncover the answer

3. This particular picture comes from Magic Eye Inc.’s Disney-themed book. Ahem, that’s a clue  


Uncover the answer

4. Watch out, what’s lurking beneath the dots is scarier than you might think


Uncover the answer

Apparently the game is made a little easier if you print the images out. So if you’re struggling, perhaps this will help you out…

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