Remember ‘Alex From Target?’ His Life Is Very Different Now

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What an amazing world we live in that we have the potential to become a star overnight just for bagging groceries. Do you think I’m kidding? I’m really not. You may or may not know of a guy called Alex Lee aka Alex from Target.

Back in 2014, he was just a high school student who worked part-time at Target. Little did he know, his entire world would be turned upside down when a girl who thought he was cute took his picture while he bagged her items. The picture went mega viral and teens worldwide began swooning over the guy.


Alex became so famous that Target had to remove him from the cash register and have him work in the back, as fans were visiting the store in the hope of meeting him. Alex said he sometimes had to avoid leaving his house because the attention from girls was too overwhelming. He also said that he was receiving death threats and marriage proposals online. That is some scary stuff right there!

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