Secret Photos Reveal Where Donald Trump Grows His Hair

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BREAKING NEWS: The original habitat used to grow Donald Trump’s hair has been located in Tromsø, Norway, which is considered to be the northernmost city in the world. Scientists confirm that Trump, just like the Biblical Samson, draws most of his power from his hair.

Jokes aside, there has been much speculation about Donald Trump’s hair. Michael R. Cunningham, Ph.D., a professor and psychologist at the University of Louisville, thinks that Trump just likes it that way, whereas Dr. Paul McAndrews, a dermatologist who specializes in hair restoration, suggests three other reasons why Donald Trump might choose a comb-over: “To hide baldness, to hide a bad transplant, or to hide a flap surgery scar.”

OK, enough with the suspense, and on to the Trump hair farms. Which one is the hairiest? Make your voice heard in the comments below!

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Image credits: Smiley Face (left) Photoshop Fix (right)

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