The 23 Biggest Lies That People Kept Up For Waaay Too Long

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“Tell me lies. Tell me sweet little lies” sang Fleetwood Mac. Why do you think they sang those lyrics? It’s quite simple really. Ignorance is bliss. We all like to think we haven’t put on any weight or that our significant other isn’t cheating on us because it’s easier than admitting some harsh truths to ourselves.


These 23 Reddit users know the true meaning of what it’s like to hold on to a lie for far too long. What started out as a white lie for some escalated into something way out of proportion and continued for years. Now that’s what you call dedication. I can’t even lie about being busy on a Friday night.

1. Chocolate < vanilla 

“In the second grade a kid brought in cupcakes for his birthday. For 30 kids he had 25 chocolate and 5 vanilla, in case someone didn’t like chocolate. I REALLY wanted a vanilla cupcake, so for some reason raised my hand and let the class know that I was allergic to chocolate.

This was apparently a really big deal to the kids in the class, and by recess it had spread through the school. For the next few days I was repeatedly asked if I was really allergic to chocolate, and I kept the lie going.

I never relented. I was the kid who was allergic to chocolate. Everyone knew that. Subsequent birthdays included chocolate free desserts for me. The school nurse had me on an allergy list. A note was sent home for the next few years alerting parents of the issue. I obviously never took mine home, and somehow this never got back to my parents.

I kept the lie going until I was 22. At that point I’d pretty much lost contact with everyone I’d gone to school with.

Tl;dr Wanted a vanilla cupcake so I gave up chocolate for 15 years.”

2. Extracurricular activities 

“My parents wanted me to be in “an activity” in high school.

I pretended to be in choir from 9th grade – 12th grade. I even had a choir robe (given to me) that I would dress up in, and actually leave the house whenever there was a choir performance – just finding someplace to hide, usually in an alleyway near my school.

One day, my mom came to see the choir perform. After the show, she said she didn’t see me up there singing, but, I swore I was up there, she probably just didn’t look hard enough. I also told her my name wasn’t in the program because of a misprint. I still can’t believe she bought that.

I did end up getting busted though, just before I graduated during a parent-teacher conference. My parents were not happy. They were so angry, that they said they wouldn’t even punish me – as this behavior went beyond punishment – and I’d just have to live my life knowing how much I’d let them down. It worked, because, obviously I’ve never forgotten it.”

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3. Ambidextrous

“friend of mine pretended to be left handed to switch his seat in class so he could sit next to this “cute thin blonde girl that smells like strawberries” that was actually left handed. He learned to write left handed and even switched hands for sports. he did this from 9th grade until we graduated. They are still going and he is ambidextrous now.”

4. (Non) smoker

“When I met my girlfriend I told her I smoked, because I thought it’d make me look cooler, (Yes I know it’s a fucking dumb thing to say) and that I would stop if she didn’t like it. Three and a half years later and she still thinks I quit for her. I feel like such shit whenever the topic comes up and she tells me how proud she is of me but it’s gone on for so long I just gotta smile and say ‘It was nothing'”.

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