The 5 Wildest Rap Beefs Of All Time

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Hip hop has long been an explosive genre associated with street corner battles and name-calling. Becoming a star in the world of hip-hop is all about earning respect, and part of earning respect is going head-to-head with those who disrespect you.

While there’s no question that there are many rappers who make fine music, for some reason, the genre is a breeding ground for feuds, beefs and controversies. At its most extreme, some rivalries have even lead to death. Here’s our definitive countdown of the top 5 hip hop feuds, ranging from the deeply silly to the all-too-serious:

5. Eminem vs. The Source

The Source was the Bible, but its unquestioned authority received a serious blow in 2002, when Benzino (a middling rapper and editor) used his influence inside the office to launch an all-out attack on the world’s biggest artist at the time, Eminem.

Eminem responded with one of the greatest diss tracks ever recorded: “Nail in the Coffin”, and The Source has never really recovered.


4. Jay Z vs Nas

The Jay Z vs. Nas beef was a gladiatorial battle between two rap titans. For almost a decade, two of rap’s most decorated emcees went at each other’s throat. They started off with subliminal jabs and moved up to body shots. Fans cheered on. Crews got in the mix. Digs got so personal that parents had to step in. Thankfully, the battle didn’t end in tragedy like Biggie vs 2Pac.

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