The Big Mac Set To Change For First Time In 50 Years

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It was only a couple of weeks ago that McDonald’s announced it would be trialling all you can eat fries as well as table service. McDonald’s diners in St. Joseph, Missouri, will be the first to try out this new-age McDonald’s – which even includes bottomless fries…

Now another possible change has surfaced, this time to a McDonald’s staple – the Big Mac. The Big Mac is the go-to burger for McDonald’s lovers and while we sometimes deviate with a McChicken Sandwich or some nuggets, the Big Mac is pretty much our fallback meal because we know it will never disappoint.


The Big Mac hasn’t changed in half a century because, when something works, it’s best not to mess around with it. That being said, change is an inevitable part of life and since McD’s seem to be on a modernisation spree, the Big Mac is getting a facelift too. Continue over the page to find out what changes you can expect.

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