The Exact Time It Takes To Burn Off Your Favorite McDonald’s Meals

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There are times I spend fifteen minutes on a treadmill, only to look at my calorie burn and think “great, I’ve just about burnt off an apple.” Yet rarely do I eat a Big Mac and think “I wonder how long this will take to burn off”. This is mostly because I don’t want to know the answer. After all, ignorance is indeed bliss.

Well it’s time to face the truth. What I discovered may well be slightly upsetting to those who consider their weekly McDonald’s trip one of their life highlights. (Sorry!) Using the Home Remedy Shop website, I inputted some popular meals, then the website revealed how many calories were in said meal and how long it would take to burn them off!

1. Large Big Mac Meal

The table below shows that a large Big Mac meal consists of 1,330 calories (take note food lovers – that’s without a McFlurry or apple pie). How long does that take to burn off you ask?

Well, it would take you a casual three hours and 16 minutes to burn off using cardio gym equipment. Or you can walk it off in a short six hours and 53 minutes.


Over the page: how long does it take to burn of a 20 Chicken Nugget meal? Well you’re about to find out.

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