The Reason Why Donald Trump’s Kids Won’t Be Voting For Him

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Not a day goes by without a news story about something ridiculous Republican candidate Donald Trump has said or done. As his lead in the polls grows ever larger, he’s starting to become more than just the class clown of American politics. The world is starting to take his threats seriously, despite how little we might want to.

But there’s one family that aren’t taking things as seriously as they should be, and you’ll be completely shocked when you find out who. It’s the Trumps themselves. It seems that out of Trump’s kids, only one actually bothered to register to vote in the New York primary, meaning they won’t be able to vote for their dad at all.


In a twist of fate that pretty much sums up everything we know about the Trump family, Ivanka and Eric were apparently unaware of the rules, thinking they could just turn up and vote on the day. This means that out of all of the Trump clan, Donald Jr is the only one registered to vote in the primary in New York this April 19.

Never being one to let things go quietly, Trump addressed the odd situation on a recent episode of Fox & Friends, which you can read on the next page.

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