These Are The 10 Sexiest Accents In The World Apparently

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While taking my daily commute home from work in the evenings, I always see an advertisement for a travel company that says “go somewhere where your accent is an aphrodisiac.” I think I may be in the wrong country as I do have an accent but it continuously gets mistaken for another country’s. The point is, I wish my accent was an aphrodisiac but sadly, it hasn’t even made the top 10.


I agree, I have been slightly cryptic about where I am from, where people think I am from and where I am currently living. Don’t worry, all will be revealed soon.

So a survey was conducted in the UK consisting of 2,000 people. Does that mean the British were slightly biased towards themselves? Quite possibly. Because yes, the English accent has made the list. See the top 10 over the page.

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