This Is How Much It Costs To Book Your Favourite Rappers

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I just turned 25 and I have to say it was a bleak affair. Despairing about reaching a quarter of a century, I wallowed in my own self-pity and tried to ignore the milestone altogether. Thankfully though, not everyone is as dour as me and lots of people actually enjoy their birthdays. In fact, some people love their big day so much that they spend huge sums on enjoying themselves.

Imagine being a celebrity and hiring your favourite rapper to come to your birthday and put on a night to remember. Touring and live shows are big business for artists these days, so it’s no surprise that the prices involved are pretty sensational. Here are the top seven earners from live shows, just to give you an idea of how much you’ll need to save before you can book Kanye for your 30th.

7. 50 Cent

Available for a mere $150,000, we recently heard that 50 Cent was going through a bankruptcy trial. Safe to say I thought he would be a little cheaper given his precarious financial situation.

6. Nicki Minaj

Charging at least $250,000 for a private performance, Minaj has managed to make a whole lot of money despite not being everybody’s cup of tea. Would I hire her for my birthday? Hell no. Does she give a shit? Absolutely not.

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