This Is How Much More David Cameron Earns Compared To Most UK Workers

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Despite managing to annoy pretty much everyone in the country this week, David Cameron still hasn’t been shifted from office. There has been widespread outrage after the Prime Minister was revealed to have invested in an offshore company and thousands have demanded his immediate resignation over the issue.

There is one man however, who doesn’t believe that Mr Cameron has done anything wrong… Tax expert James Quarmby told the BBC that the headlines regarding the Prime Minister have been blown out of all proportion. According to Quarmby, the headline should read something like this, “man makes a modest investment and pays all his tax”.

Looking at the numbers however (which should really be Quarmby’s forte), it seems that Cameron’s assets are far from modest. In the real world, some families struggle to make the £12K that the PM wired to the Bahamas. In fact, Cameron’s 2014-15 tax return shows that the Tory leader earned a total of £200,307 before tax. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many families that take home £100,000 a year, let alone the sums the Camerons earn.

Think all this sounds bad for the PM? Well you’re about to see just how much more he earns than your average Joe… and it makes for grim reading.

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