This Is How To Make Yourself Hallucinate Without Taking Any Drugs

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I remember being in high school and having guest speakers come and talk to us about the dangers of drug abuse. They had a very compelling argument, used shocking visual aids and were usually recovering addicts themselves. Did we listen to what they had to say though? Sadly, some didn’t.

Teenagers’ obsession with fitting in with their peers is causing a number of social issues though, such as underage sex, alcohol and substance abuse. If only there were a way to feel high without actually taking illegal and potentially fatal drugs. Oh wait! There is…


YouTube user Sam School has shown us how we can make ourselves hallucinate without taking any drugs – using a well-known phenomenon called the Ganzfeld effect. All you’ll need is a piece of white paper and noise-cancelling headphones playing uninterrupted noise (like static TV). If you don’t have access to noise-cancelling headphones, you can find a quiet space to conduct the experiment.


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