This Is The Real Reason Pirates Wear Eye Patches

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Let’s play a little game of word association. If I say the word pirate, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Walking the plank? Scurvy? Johnny Depp? Probably all of those things, but if there’s one thing I can guarantee that’s in your mind’s eye right now, it’s eye patches.

Visions of pirates from across the centuries have always included an eye patch along with the obligatory parrot and wooden leg. But if you thought the pirate’s eye patch was simply the result of getting jabbed in the eye by a passing pirate’s sword, how wrong you are. The real reason pirates wore eye patches was much more logical, and as soon as you hear it, you’ll be on the next bus to your local fancy dress shop.

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Jim Sheedy is a doctor of vision science at Oregon’s Pacific University. He recently spoke to the Wall Street Journal about the real reason pirates wore eyepatches: “Ever wonder why a pirate wears patches? It’s not because he was wounded in a sword fight.”

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