Woman Petrified After Finding This Ghost On Her Snapchat

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The modern world can often make us feel like we’re being haunted by ghosts of the friends we haven’t spoken to since school. We sense their presence through Snapchat stories and Instagram filters, but they’re never solidly in our lives. One woman from Lincolnshire, UK, experienced the truly spooky side of social media when she discovered what she believed to be an actual ghost in a snap sent to her from a friend.

Carrie Rose, 23, described exactly what happened: “I opened the Snapchat and it freaked me out. I was on my own at the time and started getting paranoid. My friend doesn’t believe in ghosts I definitely do. The face looks like a female. I shared the picture with the rest of my friends who couldn’t believe it. A few people asked if it was real and she replied ‘of course!’.”

Carrie-Rose (1)

Rose continued: “As she lives in a new build we often think it’s not possible they’re haunted – but you never know. Her cousin joked it could be their grandma which they found amusing. It is clearly not haunting or scaring her whatever it is.” Head over to the next page to see her spooky snap for herself.

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