You Probably Wouldn’t Recognise Famous Rapper ‘Lil Kim’ Now

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Do you remember Lil’ Kim? Of course you do. One of the most famous female rappers of all time, Kim started her career back in 1995, performing a freestyle rap for hip hop icon The Notorious B.I.G. Known for having a mixed heritage, Lil’ Kim comes from Native American and African American descent.

Strangely though, photos have recently emerged of the star looking like a white woman. A stark contrast to how she looked when she started out back in 1995, lots of people are worried about the health and wellbeing of the songstress.

It’s worth noting that Kim’s upbringing was a challenging one and a lot of people are attributing this to her drastic body transformation in the last few years. Living much of her adolescent life on the streets, Kim became infatuated with her mentor Biggie Smalls (despite him being a married man). His murder in 1997 affected her greatly – and the prevailing opinion is that this troubled early life has led to her sporadic changes in appearance.

To give you an idea about her early life, Lil Kim once said this an interview with Newsweek


Of course, Lil’ Kim is not the first music star to make radical changes to their appearance. As we all know, Michael Jackson was notorious for having plastic surgery and he too suffered from a traumatic childhood. With the cases showing some similarities, on the next page we look at the public reaction to Kim’s new look – and the startling photos themselves.

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