10 Has-Been Celebs With Seriously Surprising Net Worths

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If there’s anything you will learn from reading this article is that Hollywood treats their celebrities very kindly. Whether they sang one hit or several, there are tons of retired or has-been celebs walking around with the ability to wipe their ass with money.

So what have these has-been celebs been up to? Some have made use of alcohol treatment programs or sought help from a substance abuse conselor (looking at you, Linsday). Others have spent their hard-earned money on a mental health counselor or an anger management counselor. Don’t worry, not all of them are seeking therapy. In fact, some are just straight chilling and living the life with all the royalties their fame has brought. See 10 has-been celebs with seriously surprising net worths here.

10. Chingy

In 2003, Chingy brought out an album called Jackpot which contains his most popular tracks, namely Right Thurr and Holidae In. He tried his hand at acting making appearances in TV comedies, My Wife and Kids and One on One (with George Lopez). His net worth is a surprising $10 Million.


9. Sisqo

Who could forget Sisqo’s hit tune, Thong Song? Is that all we know Sisqo for? Possibly. But he’s still worth a sh*t tonne, 4 million, to be exact. 


8. Khia

Who is Khia again? Oh yes, she is the girl who sang My Neck, My Back (lick it). Her amazing net worth is $500,000.


7. Ja Rule

Ja Rule is always on time. He’s also great with cash because he’s worth an astonishing $5 million.


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