13 Hideous Celebrity Photoshop Fails

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Admit it, we’ve all flicked through a magazine at some point in our lives and thought; damn, I wish I looked that good. It’s not our fault. Over time society has become addicted to the idea of achieving physical perfection because that’s what we are told we need to do.

However, when we delve a little deeper into the photographs plastered all over the media – featuring faultless bikini bodies, beyond-compare abs, red-carpet-ready hair and impeccable complexions – we realise that a celebrity’s “flawless” aesthetics are impossible to attain. Why? Because the majority of them have all been Photoshopped to sh*t.

The media sets unrealistic standards, which we often fail to realise because the image edits are so authentic. Yet this is not always the case. Sometimes the photographs are so obviously altered all you can do is laugh.

1. Kim Kardashian’s Photoshopped body 


2. Justin Bieber’s creepy Photoshopped face


3. Avril Lavigne’s Photoshopped forearm 


4. Oprah’s extra Photoshopped hand


Perhaps the publication that Oprah featured on above gave her an extra hand intentionally, so she can offer a lending hand to even more people… or maybe there was a slip-up in post-production. Arguably the philanthropist’s photo isn’t the worst of the bunch, check out what Men’s Health did to Zac Efron’s arm…

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