19 Pictures That’ll Torment Your Inner Perfectionist

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I hate to admit it, but life is a struggle. There are endless daily obstacles we’re forced to overcome, from catching the bus on time to not getting fired after failing to catch the bus on time. Every now and again, our inner perfectionist cries out for a little bit of order amongst the chaos. Why can’t the toast fall butter side up, just this once?

Sadly, this post is going to do absolutely nothing to soothe your fears. On the contrary, it’s probably going to leave you rocking in a ball on the floor, calling your therapist. But you know you’re still going to read it right to the very end, because it’s simply human nature to do things we know we shouldn’t.

1. Is this some kind of sick joke?!


2. Phoney pepperoni


3. A crime against baking


4. I can’t… look away…


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