19 Things That’ll Make You Feel Beyond Uncomfortable

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The world is an awkward, uncomfortable place at the best of times. We all live our lives simply waiting for the next uncomfortable situation to come along, be it at work, on the bus, or at a family party. Sadly, this post is going to do absolutely nothing to improve your sense of unease.

On the contrary, it’s almost definitely going to push you further into your ultimate fate as big, cringey puddle on the floor. But you know you’re still going to read it right to the very end, because it’s simply human nature to do things we know we shouldn’t.

1. Minty mouthful


2. This is so wrong… but so right


3. A waterpark from hell


4. Hello, neighbour


Head over to the next page for the very worst thing you’ll have ever seen since sliced bread: some sliced bread. Although not as you know it.

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