7 Celebrities You Wouldn’t Recognise Without Their Signature Look

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I sometimes wonder if I should have pursued a career in fashion. Those who have been to one or more fashion schools to get fashion merchandising degrees must be very up-to-date with the latest designer jeans brand and custom glasses. I almost envy their ability to turn a simple outfit into something awesome by pairing it with pretty silver necklaces and classy red carpet dresses.

Speaking of fashion, the celebrities that we’ve come to love have of course got their own stylists who help them look their best. Usually though, they take on a signature look and that’s what makes them different from the rest. But what happens when you take that signature look away? Well, things get kind of awkward.

1. Marilyn Manson

Without make-up, Marilyn Manson is unrecognisable.


2. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew looks like a totally different person with a moustache, right?


3. Joaquin Phoenix

He’s a lovely young man when cleanly shaved – but what is this beard nonsense?


4. Melanie Martinez

Strip the make-up and the gimmicks and Melanie Martinez is just as beautiful.


Over the page, see Kesha’s face without glitter. What? Could it be true? It most certainly can.

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