Amanda Holden Got Naked To Promote Being A Vegetarian

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Amanda Holden is more widely known for her risqué outfits rather than her hardcore vegetarianism, if her recent hip-high side-splitting dress worn on Britain’s Got Talent is anything to go by. To combat this problem, the 45-year-old has taken her love for flashing the flesh and combined it with her veggie beliefs in a new advert for animal rights group PETA.

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Amanda has been a vegetarian since she was 13, and widely credits her slim figure and good health to her meat-free diet. She shows off her toned physique in the ad, which hasn’t been retouched whatsoever, to highlight how vegetarians are, on average, slimmer than meat-eaters.

Piers Morgan took a departure from his usual body-shaming tweets to praise his ex-Britain’s Got Talent colleague for the advert, writing: “Amanda looks great & it promotes a positive image of good health.”

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Other celebs who’ve supported the campaign in the past include Vivienne Westwood, Pamela Anderson, Made In Chelsea star Lucy Watson, John Bishop, and Sir Paul McCartney. (I’d personally love to see Sir Paul take his kit off for the cause.) You can check out Amanda’s attempt in full over on the next page, along with the internet’s opinion on the shoot.

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