Amber Heard To Give Full Police Statement About Johnny Depp Domestic Abuse Allegations

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When the news broke last week that Amber Heard was accusing husband Johnny Depp of domestic abuse, nobody knew what to believe. Depp’s lawyers immediately suggested that Heard was trying to “secure a premature financial resolution”, with the actress wasting no time in applying for a restraining order.

Now however Heard has broken her silence, and has confirmed that she will in fact be issuing a formal statement to the Los Angeles Police Department. In answer to why she didn’t issue a statement sooner, Heard claimed that she wanted to protect her privacy and Depp’s acting career. She also alleged that the abuse from Depp has been going on for years.


Heard also added that as a “financially independent woman”, claims that she is after money are totally off-base. Backing up Heard’s claims, the LAPD revealed that they attended a domestic violence call at the couple’s house in May.

“On May 21, 2016, police responded to a domestic incident radio call in the 800 block of South Broadway,” a spokesperson for the LAPD said. “The person reporting did not insist on a report, nor was there any evidence provided by the victim that warranted a report. Officers investigation determined that a crime did NOT occur. The officers cleared the scene and left a business card.”

Do you think that Depp’s guilty? On the next page you can see the full statement from Heard’s lead attorney which gives more information about how the couple got to this point.

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